About Lowry & Associates

When entrepreneur Fred Lowry Sr. formed Lowry & Associates, Inc in 1989, he did so with the determination to build the most experienced and well-trained audit staff in the industry.  We aim to be the premier insurance provider in the areas we service. Today with over 30 years’ experience, Lowry & Associates, Inc has become an industry leader in physical, virtual and phone auditing as well as Loss Control Audits.  We provide phone and virtual audit services to all 50 States and Puerto Rico.  Our physical auditors and surveyors service Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California and select locations in Texas.

The people at Lowry & Associates, Inc are our #1 asset.  Our unique business model and approach to auditor education and development has created an auditor workforce that provides accurate and timely audits along with outstanding customer service to insurance carriers, agents, and policyholders alike.

Our goal is to provide our associates the ability to enjoy a lifestyle in accordance with the Lowry & Associates Laws and Values. Our management, administrative and support staff provide an unparalleled customer service thanks to their experience and knowledge of the insurance auditing industry.  Most of our administrative and management staff are remote employees living and working throughout the United States.  This allows us to utilize the diversity and talents of experienced employees while providing them with the ability to spend more time with family.

Auditors, both independent and employed, enjoy flexible and well compensated wages allowing for an elevated work and life balance.  The majority of our auditors are remote labor, located throughout the United States. This has been the Lowry & Associates, Inc business model for the past 30 years and has helped us triple our audit completion rate over the last 10 years.

We look forward to serving and working with you and your insured to provide an excellent auditing experience.