Why Lowry

When you choose premium insurance audit, survey and appraisal services, you demand reliability, timeliness and value from a partner who understands your business and is committed to meeting your needs. Lowry & Associates has been providing just that for clients throughout the Western United States since 1989 – with unwavering quality and unparalleled service.


Premium Audits

We perform insurance premium audits for all types of coverage. Physical, telephone and voluntary audits are completed and processed by experienced and trained audit staff. Our customized Future Audit program and Audit Wizard allow us to deliver your audit reports in a format to your need.


Underwriting and loss control surveys embrace all types of property and casualty insurance coverage, performed on both commercial and residential type risks. Building appraisals are handled on both commercial and residential risks. However, we do not do safety engineering.

Our Survey wizard program designed through AuSum systems provides a most comprehensive and thorough report. We have a full complement of forms that are considered by many as being the most complete in the industry. We are able to customize survey forms to meet your requirements. Carrier forms may be used upon request.

Management System / Delivery of Reports

Our state of the art web-based management system developed by AuSum systems allows us the ability to complete and review all reports on a real-time basis. All audit and survey reports are completed electronically, via the AuSum system.
Progress reports and completed reports are made available to our clients through secured web-based retrieval, email or mail, based on your need.

Time Service

We attempt to maintain our service for audits within 45 days, within 30 days on underwriting surveys and appraisals in metropolitan areas. In some of the outlying areas additional time may be required. It is our custom to provide status reports whenever work cannot be completed at the first and second attempt.

After the third attempt, assignments will be returned on a service charge. We give preference to cancellation audits and rush underwriting surveys. Where practicable and when specially requested, companies will be telephoned from or near the site of survey with a verbal report to be followed with the written report.

We have been very successful in securing high caliber field representatives. We instruct and train the representatives to produce work, which will be in accordance with the quality and standards of the companies we serve.

We pride ourselves with the caliber of our field representatives. We have several field representatives with more than 20 years experience, and our management has more than 30 years experience in survey and audit business.

While we are not invulnerable to error, we believe that within the limits of controllable operations the errors are kept to an absolute minimum.

We are most conscientious and concerned regarding the work that is entrusted in our care for servicing.

We welcome inquiry and constructive criticism.


Our charges are based on an hourly rate, which is broken down into zones. Zones are determined by geographical area and concentration of work.

When an assignment cannot be completed through no fault of the field representative it will be returned with a full explanation.


Photos are provided on all surveys as requested.

Our reports are not certified nor guaranteed but they are completed from observation and interview. We do not assume legal liability because of inaccuracies or misinformation given to the field representative. The charge for completion of the report represents a fee for services only. The charge does not include any assumption of liability or risk arising from any insurance coverage written by the requesting company or its reinsurer.

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